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Here you have the opportunity to query/appeal a parking charge.

If you believe that a parking charge has been issued incorrectly, you must complete the form below.

Please note! We do not accept appeals by email because of the security risk.

Under “reason”, state why you believe the parking charge to be incorrect.

Following an investigation, we will send a response to your appeal.

Circumstances that may result in the parking charge being cancelled:

  • Formal errors in the parking charge or in the signage at the location.
  • Urgent medical condition of self or close relative (medical certificate required).
  • Vehicle reported stolen at the time of the infringement (police report required).
  • Serious fault in the vehicle with proof that action has been taken to move the vehicle (such removal must take place promptly).
  • Other circumstances are often difficult to invoke in an appeal.

Scroll down the page to see the form, which you must complete and send to us.

Please note that all fields marked * are mandatory and must be completed.


As stated on the Parking Charge Notice.

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